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What to Do When I Have the Blues

16 May 2012 8:29 PM | Patrick Nix (Administrator)

It’s hard to admit it, but I have been a mess the last couple of months.  I sometimes get really busy and little overwhelmed- but this is not the same. No- this has been a case of the blues- and I am not out of it yet.  Being that this is not an entirely new sensation, I am sharing it so that I can share with you- my precious friends how I plan to get my groove back.

1.  Eliminate some of the noise.  I gotta get the balance back.  Since May I have been baking on Fridays for the farmer’s market on Saturdays.  This means up to 10 hours of baking- on my feet, in a hot kitchen, away from my children.  Then, working the market itself for 5 hours.  I love it and I hate it.  I love the doing.  I hate being away from my children for a whole day.  I do not like ho much energy it depletes from the ones I love. I realize that sounds wimpy and very UNmodern. But it is the reality.  I miss my babies.  So, Duncan and I agreed that my time at the market is ending until next summer, when we will reevaluate.  I feel a little sad about it, but I also feel very relieved.

2.  I need to exercise.  I will do this- for me, and for the children.

3.  I need to take my vitamins.  When I take my Supermom vitamins and my Bee Strong and Berry Well, life is just better. I feel better,  I have more energy.  I have more strength.  It’s not that I do not want them, I just forget to take them, so now I am moving them to my upstairs bathroom next to my toothbrush.  I know you should not store vitamins in a moist environment, but at least I will remember them there.  That will be better than not taking them at all.

4.  I need to cultivate my friendships.  Working too much leads to a huge imbalance, and I have been REALLY missing my close friends.  Monday morning, I am putting some dates on the calendar with some girlfriends.  And I mean it.

5.  I am starting a new in-depth inductive Bible study.  My brain craves input and when I spend time reading fluff I can shrivel up and die mentally. Here is the one I started last Monday:

6.  I am getting my house back in order.  With all the hours I have been working,some of the basics have been neglected.

7.  Get outside in the sunshine and fresh air daily.  Not kidding, I really have to put this on a list or I will work myself to death in a cave and never see the light of day.  My sickly pale fair complexion can attest to this.

8.  I need to increase my water intake.  In April I gave up sodas entirely.  All kinds, all flavors, all colors.   However, I still do not drink enough water.  Lots of times I find myself going about my day THIRSTY because I do not take the time to grab a drink.   This is goofy and can be easily fixed.

9.  I am striking things off my to-do list and moving them to a “I am really never going to do this, but it might be nice if someone else will”  list.  Having open loops, especially ones I can never act upon is just a downer.  This will leave more room in my list for those things the Lord is calling me to do.

Now, if you are in a serious depression or have chronic issues with depression or the blues- this is not medical advice.  This is just one mom sharing with another the things I KNOW have helped me in the past.  It is time I quit singing that song from Alice in Wonderland; “I give myself some very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”  Of course, I hope to do it before I find myself down another rabbit hole.

- by Malia Russell




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