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Our History

In the Spring of 1990, four men and their wives met in the basement of our State Capitol in Frankfort, Ky. with a burden to reach out and help other fellow home educators.  Their names were Bro. Joe and Saundra Adams,  Bro. Phil and Phyllis Buckner, Rep. Gex (Jay) and Judy Williams, and Bro. Don and  Debbie Woolett. The decision was made to name this ministry CHEK, or Christian Home Educators of Kentucky.  The Board of Directors was to remain strictly Christian but the membership was to be open to anyone in need of information pertaining to home education. Finances were needed to begin this ministry and calling.  After prayer, the four families gave what they were able to give at the time.  The first CHEK ministry deposit was the grand sum of $57.75. CHEK's first major outreach was a conference that same year in the month of June.  Though the Directors had only three months to plan and complete this conference, it was a great success thanks to the Lord honoring much prayer and hard work.The Lord has  continued to move CHEK foreword through the years.  State Representative Gex Williams left CHEK's Board of Directors to run for the State Senate.  As a Legislator, Gex has been a great blessing to everyone, especially home educators across Kentucky.  The Adams, Buckners, and Wooletts remain on the CHEK Board of Directors volunteering their services to home educators across the Commonwealth, the Nation, and beyond, including answering calls from Europe, Africa and Australia. CHEK's goal today, as it was in times past, is to represent the Christian viewpoint in home education and training of children.  Keep CHEK in your prayers as we continue to do our best to fulfill this calling.

Our Purpose

1. To provide Kentucky Christian home educators and Christian home education support groups with a central source of information, Christian fellowship and cooperation.
2. To promote the Biblical mandate as expressed in Deut. 6: 4 -10, Prov. 22:6, Eph. 6:4 and other scripture that parents are to train their children in the nurture and admonition of our Lord.
3. To preserve parental freedom of choice in education and right of conscience as recognized and  guaranteed by the Ky. Constitution, Section 5 of the Bill of Rights.
4. To provide home educators and the general public with information about the Biblical, academic, and legal aspects of home education and training.
5. To provide a common ground for families educating their children at home as a matter of Christian conviction, and the ability to communicate effectively with officials from the Dept. of Education and others.




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