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We are working diligently to have a full list of local support groups, with detailed information on each, available here soon: 

Wellspring Home School Community
Wellspring is a support group, co-op, & academic center serving Madison, Estill, Fayette, Clark, Garrard, & Rockcastle Counties
Jenna Newell,  President of Wellspring Home School Community and Head Administrator of Wellspring Home School Co-op
Member Families: 100-150.

Membership fee:  No.

We require leaders/teachers to sign a statement of faith.
Activities: Family events, parent meetings, field trips, graduation, testing, field day, home school fair, mom's night.
Other: Basketball, socials, service projects, holiday parties, dances, 4-H, library programs, martial arts, Scouts, Upward, drama club, YMCA, Civil Air Patrol, American Ninja Project.

Georgetown Homeschool Group
GHG is a traditional support group and co-op serving Fayette, Scott, Owen, Jessamine, Counties
Board of Directors
Member Families: 20-50.

Membership fees: Yes.

We also require a signed statement of faith/commitment, background check, liability release, and medical release.
Activities: Field trips, graduation, spelling bee, field day, used book fair, mom's night, science/history/geography fairs.
Other: Volleyball, basketball, holiday parties, various clubs (led by parents).

CHEN - Christian Home Education Network
CHEN is a fellowship of families with activities and an occasional co-op class serving Lincoln, Boyle, Garrard, Casey, Mercer, Adair, Pulaski, & Washington Counties
Samantha Forbes & Larissa Tomlin, Leaders
Members: 20-50.

Membership fees: No.

We are a Christian group.
Activities: Parent meetings, family events, field trips, testing, park days, co-op classes (music, science, history, etc.)
Other: PE class, 4-H, library programs, service projects, art and music classes (community center)

CHECO is a co-op serving Montgomery, Clark, Rowan, Bath, Lee, Estill, Wolfe, & Bourbon Counties
Heather Cockrell, President
Members: 20-50.

Membership fees: Yes.

We require a signed statement of faith / by-laws.
Activities: Parent meetings, family events, field trips, testing, field day, science/history/geography fairs, mom's night.
Other: 4-H, library programs, service projects, marital arts, Scouts, Upward, service projects, holiday parties.

Capitol Area Christian Homeschoolers
Franklin & Surrounding Counties




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