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Our Continued Objectives

1. Protect the conscientious rights of parents to control the education and upbringing of their children according to Biblical principles and Constitutional liberties.
2. Promote a positive and moral socialization environment for the traditional Christian family unit.
3. Actively and assertively negotiate on behalf of CHEK member families who choose to train and educate their children according to the  dictates of their conscience and their fundamental rights as parents.
4. Continue to provide an immediate front line of defense for conflict resolution and mediation.
5. Equip home educators with the  necessary skills, tools, information and training through state wide conferences and leadership symposiums to be successful in their educational calling

Our Service

CHEK is dedicated to promoting the Christian worldview in child training and education. CHEK Directors and Officers are volunteers and receive no salary for the many hours they dedicate to the service of the CHEK membership. The CHEK leadership is professionally trained in negotiating, conflict management, legal issues and political action through the National Christian Home Education Leadership Conferences and symposiums hosted throughout the year by the Home School Legal Defense Association and others. CHEK's annual state wide conference, leadership symposiums, home school graduations, legislative monitoring on both the state and national level, the Congressional Action Program, and the dissemination of valuable information makes CHEK membership one of the most valuable commodities to Kentucky home educating families and supporters.




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