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Kentucky Laws and Forms

Best Practice for Homeschooling in Kentucky

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On March 14, 1997 representatives from Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK) and the Kentucky Home Education Association (KHEA) met with the board of directors of the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel Association to share their views on the status of home schools in Kentucky. From that meeting a task force was formed to address the issues that were raised at that meeting. The Best Practices of Homeschooling Document was created by the task force to provide protection for individual rights of privacy, while also maintaining that compulsory school laws were being followed. The Best Practice Document has provided clear direction for both private homechool administrators and directors of pupil personnel. It is highly recommended that all homeschool administrators and directors of pupil personnel secure a copy of this document and make themselves familiar with its content. This simple task would greatly reduce the needless conflicts that arise from year to year.

Homeschooling In Kentucky (A Legal Analysis)

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Sample Letter of Notification.doc
We have provided a sample letter of notification that you may use to send to your local Superintendent.

No Pass / No Drive

No Pass, No Drive was a Kentucky law enacted in August of 2007.  The purpose of is bill is to encourage students to remain in school and  perform well academically, so they can receive their driver's permit. A student is deemed ineligible academically when they have not passed 4 or more courses. You can read the Kentucky statutes here: [KRS 159.051] [KAR 13.070The Kentucky Department of Transportation page for No Pass, No Drive clearly states in the FAQ section that homeschool students are not required an embossed seal on their form.  

As private homeschools we are to follow these steps: 

1. Pick up the No Pass No Drive form from the high school or  the District Board of Education.
     (No one at the school should sign or fill out any portion of the form. A school seal should not be applied.)

2. Fill out the section specifically for homeschools on the form.

3.  Take the form and other required documents(Social Security Card, Birth Certificate of student and Parent ID) to your clerk's office on the available days for taking permit test.

The clerk's office  should not require any other proof of your homeschool or signatures from the local school district, as the school does not know your child's academic standing. If, for some reason, they do ask for a letter of proof or a signature/seal from the school call the Graduated License Department at the Kentucky Department of Transportation: 502-564-1257, so they can call the clerk on the other line and educate the individual on the correct protocol.

If you are still being asked to have the school sign or seal, please contact CHEK  by email- or CHEK Facebook messages.
If you are an HSLDA member, you can also call them.

2017 Public School Graduation Requirements

As a private home educator, you are not required to follow the graduation requirements used by the government schools.  It can give you an idea of the courses many colleges will consider college ready.

We have provided these resources for informational purposes only.

  1. Course / Credit List [pdf]
  2. Statutes [




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